What do I need to do to register with OCC Services?

To register with OCC Services simply go to our registration page here and complete all of your details. To speed up your placements, please make sure that you complete the form and all of the details required. 

How do I find out if I get work with you?

Once you are registered, we will contact you with upcoming placements.

What skills and experience are you looking for?

What are my hours of work?

Our work hours are 

What are some examples of clients and sites I could work at?

Some clients you may be working at include; 

What is it like working for a labour hire business?

Working for a labour hire business means that 

How much do I get paid?

Labour hire is paid under the 

Do you contribute to my super and industry funds?


Is having my white card enough to get work?


Where is the work located?

Locations are all across Melbourne and will vary based on the client.

Do I receive a uniform and/or PPE?

Yes you will receive a uniform 

Do I get days off?


Do you look for skilled or unskilled labour?

We look for both skilled and unskilled labour.