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We have worked extremely hard building gender equality within our business and industry. At OCC Services, our aim is to facilitate greater representation of women in construction across all levels of our business.

At OCC Services, our aim is to facilitate greater representation of women in construction across all levels of our business. We are aware that the number of women enrolled in trade courses and registered training organisations (RTO’s) are on the rise.


The hours that we can offer our female workers can also work well whilst bringing up families.

Our strategy is to ensure that we attract, recruit and retain our female workers and ensuring that it is a safe place for them to work across all of our sites and areas
of our business.

We have female representation at a senior and shareholder level. Our female workers represent OCC in various roles including, general labour work and traffic control. Within our head office, we offer flexible working arrangements for our employees assisting them with their families and outside of work commitments. As an example of our commitment, in 2019 two of our female contractors were asked to represent our business at an event hosted by the CFMEU showcasing just how important we see women in our industry.

16-18% of our current workers are women
and we aim to increase this to 22% by 2022.

As a female in a senior management position at OCC, leading a female dominated Finance and payroll division,
I feel empowered, supported and appreciated. We are a dynamic, flexible and communicative team  that support each other and are encouraged to provide feedback and opinions to senior management. The flexibility OCC provides in order to juggle work, families, household commitments and take the time  to nurture our own mental health is second to none, and I believe, creates greater productivity and is what sets OCC apart from other employers.




Over the past five and a half years I have had the good fortune of being employed full time by OCC Building Services, who provide labour hire to the commercial building industry. As a woman in a male dominated industry, the support from OCC has been instrumental  in my success. Furthermore, the encouragement to continue building my portfolio of qualifications and industry recognized certifications, has helped to ensure my ongoing relevance and flexibility at each work site I am assigned to. In closing, I would thoroughly recommend OCC to any prospective employee, looking for a supportive employer within the building industry.



OCC Services supports women in the building & construction industry
  • Flexible working hours

  • Various roles and responsibilities 

  • Supportive environment

  • Equal opportunities 

  • Safe working environments

OCC Services provides

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