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  • Cherie Keegan

Celebrating returned service woman Holly Bird winning ADCOs Young Achievers Award

After serving for 11 years, Holly Bird returned from service looking to change careers into construction.

OCC WA partnered with Working Spirit to support Holly in changing careers and moving into construction.

Through a collaboration between OCC WA, Working Spirit and ADCO, Holly was given the opportunity to apply for and was successful in moving into an apprenticeship with ADCO.

‘Bringing that environment together gave Holly the opportunity and she has grasped it! It’s been fantastic to see the amount of work she has put in – to not only come through that program and win ADCOs Apprentice of the Year: Young Achievers Award late in 2022, but now she will be considered for senior roles at ADCO, is a massive credit to Holly.’ noted Josh Kennedy, State Manager WA.

Not only are OCC leaders in supporting and advocating for women in construction, but they are also active in supporting returned service men and women into future roles. OCC WA have a strong working partnership with Working Spirit to offer roles that will embed people into new careers.

‘At OCC, we believe that Opportunity Creates Careers and this is an example that we are extremely proud of. Our team are extremely passionate about enabling return service men and woman to enter civilian life with roles that lead to careers.’ commented Luke Livingston, Managing Director OCC.

‘The change that this can offer return service men and women, who have given years of service to our country, is something we are really excited about’, noted Anthony Rock, General Manager OCC WA Services.

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