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  • Cherie Keegan

When the right people matter

Recruitment has become a vast, faceless industry, driven by high-speed computer programs that scan resumes and spit out skill-based matches.

Gone are the personal considerations of how well a candidate will fit with a company’s long-term goals or workplace culture – let alone the candidate’s own career goals or aspirations.

At OCC Corporate, we know how important these considerations are. After 25 years in the business, we know that the most successful companies are those that truly value their employees, that plan for them to grow together. We also know that each candidate has their own unique skills, qualities and ambitions – and will only stay with a company that cares.

That’s why we care so much about making the right connections.

We've been matching the right people – talented, reliable, hardworking people – with specialised contractual roles and office support positions across Australia. From some of the country’s largest retailers and utility companies to small creative consultancies, we’ve placed hundreds of candidates in roles that develop their companies and their careers. It’s no coincidence that over 80% of our clients still trust us to find them the right people.

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