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  • Cherie Keegan

OCC and A2B are closing the gap for our Aboriginal / Torres Strait Islander Community

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

A2B Personnel has been forged from the joint forces of OCC Services and A2B Walker Group with a collective vision to create opportunities for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander men and women with a keen interest in the construction industry.

A2B Personnel is an Aboriginal owned and controlled Apprenticeships, Recruitment & Labour Hire company.

We are a collectively passionate group looking to support and build real, sustainable opportunities for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. ‘The change that this can offer future generations and how it affects people today is something we are really excited about’, noted Luke Livingston, Director OCC Services.

A2B Personnel launched at the beginning of April and has already found success through an exciting exclusive agreement with the Electrical Trades Union, which delivers A2B Personnel employees as the sole supplier of electrical apprentices within Victoria.

Off the back of the success with the ETU, the CFMEU have now partnered with A2B Personnel promoting a strong focus on construction / carpentry apprenticeships and the deployment of construction personal with a labour hire agreement.

‘We are looking forward to providing education and employment opportunities along with a support pathway program to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders within the community’ said Andrew Walker, CEO A2B Walker Group recently. This new venture enables the removal of future employment barriers for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people and strengthens the diversity of workplaces.

‘Providing a culturally safe workplace for our workers with access to mentoring, well-being and support programs for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people, helps us to remove employment barriers and encourages everyone here at OCC to drive engagement and awareness (internally and with our clients) and that is something we are really proud of!’ commented Luke Livingston.

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